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Family and Network Unit

The Family and Network Unit was started in 1993, based in a newly built flat. Treatment is offered for shorter periods (2-3 mos.).

Treatment is concentrated on working with the family, the child’s local network/school, or both, depending on how needs are defined. At the time of treatment, the family can use the flat all day. A milieu therapist/family consultant, special educator/family consultant and a psychologist staff the project.

The Residential Family Therapy unit offers residential treatment to one family at a time for 4 weeks, 5 days per week, with follow-up if needed. The child, or one of the children is the identified patient, but the whole family participates, usually living in the Family flat here but going home on weekends. The treatment is intensive, designed to help both parents and child/children change unfavorable patterns of interaction in the family.